Baseus Thermal Series Eye Cover

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  • Ergonomic design
  • Precise workmanship
  • The fabric is designed to be washed in such a way as not to leave any unwanted distortions

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Baseus Thermal Series Eye Cover

The headband allows you to protect your aroused eyesight from stubborn light and thus make falling asleep easier. It is ideal for use both at home and on the move as it helps you to relax optimally. Each edge is softly finished so as not to press on parts of the body. The material used is skin-friendly and does not cause itching or scratching. It has the right shape and lightness to further increase comfort. Placed inside the pockets completely cover the eyes and gently warm them up with special inserts.

Warm-up cartridges

The included warming up cartridges stimulate the circulation of blood in the eyes and relax the muscles, while relaxing the surrounding parts of the face. This is especially needed when stress and fatigue is getting worse. After 30 minutes spent with the mask on, you can feel the pleasant relaxation and warmth spreading further away. Precise shape allows you to reach the most sensitive points around this sensitive organ. The band should not be heated in any other way than the one indicated.

Precise workmanship

The band is made of a quality grade of cotton with high permeability properties that allow the free flow of air while the skin breathes. At the same time, the leather coating is well protected in spite of the sticky fabric because it is hypoallergenic and yet silky soft to the touch. Compared to a regular and disposable overlay, the Baseus product does not cause any allergic reactions and has a constant temperature.

Ergonomic design

The modern, three-dimensional shape guarantees a perfect fit of the whole mask to the face, without causing any pressure or curvatures. Practical construction will block any flashes of light. It has a soft finish around the nose, cheeks and forehead. In case of any dirt, it is easy to remove it under running water. The fabric is designed to be washed in such a way as not to leave any unwanted distortions. Moreover, reusable use is economical and environmentally friendly

Comfort of use

The functional mask gives the possibility of perfect adjustment to the contours of the face. Additionally, the set includes a flexible tape, which is equipped with a buckle. It can be freely adjusted and adjusted to the circumference of the head, so as not to feel unpleasant pressures and limitations. The belt is delicate, comfortable and suitable for use at night. The buckle is tightly placed to prevent hair from pulling out while sleeping.

Wide range of applications

The innovative headband offers numerous possibilities to escape the tiring everyday life. It is a great idea to use it during a break or lunch, for example. It will also work during a long business trip or even on the way to the vacation – to take a break and plan every day in peace. It is also simply suitable to calm down and relax before bedtime. Depending on your willingness to use the hot refills, all you have to do is tear the sachet and then place the refills in the designated pockets. Surely 20-30 minutes spent with the mask on will provide relief and rest..

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