Remax RB-X6 Outdoor Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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  • Luxurious design
  • Small speakers but large capacity
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • 6 Months Warranty

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Remax RB-X6 Karaoke Speaker with a capacity of 50W with 2 wireless microphones is a new choice that is very suitable for those who love compactness.?At the same time, this smart speaker device will help you relieve stress and fatigue after work.

Luxurious design, powerful

The first highlight that attracts attention to the user is the design of the X6 speaker which is quite eye-catching.?The design of this speaker is similar to a mobile suitcase, with many delicate and sharp design details.

Remax RB-X6 Karaoke Speaker is also arranged with a handle and a mobile wheel, the application helps users to move easily.?With this relatively smart and convenient design, you can drag it anywhere and store them.

Noise Cancelling,

Volume Limiting, Wireless, Surround Sound,

Microphones & Controls, For Sports And Fitness, For Work, For Home Entertainment, For Fashion, For Audiophiles, For Gamers, For Djs

In addition, the speaker corners are also reinforced with screws to increase durability as well as increase endurance.?Application to help speaker device can withstand high pressure impact.

This is also the reason why the RB-X6 pull speakers are very popular today.?The equipment is quite suitable for parties, parties and events, and outdoor activities with friends and family.

More specifically, the device also comes with 2 wireless microphones.?Users can freely enjoy karaoke with their family during stressful translation days like this.?This is a better solution than staying at home for so long.

Small speakers but large capacity

Besides the unique points of design, the uses of the RB-X6 speakers are also quite impressive.

With a speaker as compact as the Remax RB-X6, it’s rare that another speaker can do the same.?With a speaker power of up to 50W, this is considered one of the extremely powerful features, and possesses loud sound quality.

Thus, with this capacity, the device can transmit in a range of less than 15m.?And if you want to enjoy the sound quality in the clearest way, a reasonable distance is 10 meters.

Best sound quality

With the sound frequency range that the speaker pull Remax RB-X6 works from 20 Hz to 20 khz, combined with a 50w speaker power, users will enjoy the ultimate sound quality, the clearest.

One of the other striking designs is the speaker corner, which is so subtly reinforced by premium materials.?Therefore, the bass sounds quite like, but does not lose the clarity of sound.

Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Possessing bluetooth 5.0 technology, the device’s coverage is increased to 4 times compared to bluetooth 4.0.?This means that users can use at longer distances and can comfortably travel indoors and at work without worrying about disconnection like the old versions.

In addition, the connection is also much improved, creating convenience for users.

Music listening time longer

Owning 4400mah battery capacity, users can play music continuously for 5 hours without interruption.

This is one of the major improvements of the RB-X6 over the current X5. In addition, the device also supports external memory card, UAX and USB extremely convenient.

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