Xiaomi Mi Computer Glasses

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  • 40% blue blocking rate
  • Metal-plastic hybrid frame
  • Minimalist design
  • Comfortable to wear

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Mi Computer Glasses are specially developed for people who spend long periods looking at LED screens for work or study. The lenses block up to 40% of blue light and even protect against ultraviolet rays, so wearing a pair of Mi Computer Glasses every day is a great way to protect your eyes.

Upgraded technology for clear view:?Blue light-proof elements are added to the lens substrate of Mi Computer Glasses to improve filtering and reduce yellow tone, so the glasses not only block blue light effectively, but are also comfortable to wear, providing clearer and more natural vision.

Blue light blocking.


Lightweight, slim and comfortable.

Clear vision.

Scope of application

Unisex design suitable for all adults.

Ideal for gaming, using tablets and computers, watching mobile phones and TV.

Office workers.

Mobile phone addicts.


Video game fans.

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