Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Black Silicone Cover

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  • Soft and colorful
  • Securely hold your phone with built-in strap

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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Silicone Cover

Your case can help you keep the environment safe

By reducing the amount of plastic from our packaging we have taken steps to help keep the environment safe.

How your case can help save the world

Complementary colour choices

Whether you want to match the colour of your phone, or create an interesting contrast, there’s a shade for that. Choose from a variety of expressive tones to accentuate your style.

Complementary color choices

Smooth to the touch

A cover classic, the Silicone Cover is as soft to the touch as it is stylish. It turns the back and sides of your phone into a silky smooth fashion statement that you won’t mind holding for hours.

Smooth to the touch

Soften the bumps

The Silicone Cover fits super close to your phone. It keeps the shape sleek and streamlined while helping to provide protection.

Soften the bumps